Development Update

The game is doing great progress, however updates will soon be needed. One issue is the inevitable boring

nature of the game, which might be fixable.

More effort must put into marketing and promotion, as downloads are still low and slow.



  • Add Credits to Settings Scene

    1. Artist (BAG Arte) Credits

    2. Music (Christopher W & Charles Conway)

    3. Developers (Fritz & Peter)

    4. Assistant Game Designer (Cooper)

    5. Beta-Testers, Friends, and other Supporters (35+)

* Ask if involved people want their name displayed as First Last, First L., First, F., or to remain completely anonymous.


  • Add Power-Ups

    • Coin Magnet

    • Coin 2x Multiplier

    • Score 2x Multiplier

    • Bullet 3-Shot Modifier

    • Death-Laser (?)


  • Add Backgrounds

    • Unlock them based on total amount of points earned (to be defined)

    • Add Music Exclusive to Levels

    • Add Shop Section for Backgrounds


  • Add Birds

    • Slowly Add Birds within a few releases.

    • Add Golden Bird 

      • Costs $5

      • Gives you 2 or 5 times the amounts of earned coins per game

      • Maybe has a Golden Background?


  • Details

    • Speed up shooting rate, to make points easier to earn, gameplay quicker, and more dynamic?

    • Make coins more common?

    • Make enemy shoot slightly more?


  • Add Share Functionality


  • Make Trailers, Promo Videos, Etc


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